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Friday, March 17, 2006

bah! women!!

I hate Women. Probably they are the ones I hate the most among all living creatures. (This is not including the ones that I really care for and make sure that they know that I do). Two faced is probably a nice thing to say (they might interpret it as multifaceted, if they did know that such word existed!!) about a typical female. Why can’t they just decide what they want and what they don’t? Why the hell do they need others to set trends for them? And once someone else does and naturally it wouldn’t work for everybody, they get sore about it and stone the trendsetter to death, verbally!!

I am not surprised that men treat women like foot rags! They certainly deserve it. They must be used to wipe feet and also anything else that might need cleaning. There must be a tag attached, “use once and discard”. Why can’t they be comfortable in their own skin? They just can’t stand it if a girl, or any person for that matter, is happy. They take it upon themselves to shine a beam on every flaw possible in the other person, which may or may not exist in reality. And a much greater sin a person, according to them, would be to show indifference towards them. What a cardinal sin at that!! Hell, if they are worth it they will get attention. If they don’t, they just try using their vacuum filled skulls and accept it that they aren’t good enough.

I don’t actually consider women to be stupid. Let me correct myself. They are the most vile, vicious, venomous living creatures. The ideas, plans, strategies that they can concoct will put the script writers of the Hindi soap operas to shame! The wicked women portrayed in those would be a couple of notches lower in being scheming than the smiling, holier-than-thou, perfect woman you meet everyday in your life. The women in soaps are better by far in the sense that they do accept that they would do anything to achieve their motives. I actually approve of them!

Let me not digress. Now, why cant these seemingly angelic women accept their innovative and shrewd thoughts. I would probably heap accolades on them for their creativity and ability to come up with the ideas to hook a guy. But then again, it is not “decent” to do things like that. What am I saying; you are termed a bitch/bastard if you enjoy yourself. Hedonism is probably just better than cannibalism, barely.

A happy woman is wanton, cheap, disgusting and the rest of the terms not used on family shows. A woman needs to suffer or at least look traumatized for her to be “accepted”. She needs to use “I am so miserable” a minimum of five times in a ten minute conversation. Then, she’s welcomed with open arms into the sorority of the abused, manhandled (pun intended), poor, ill-treated, destitute women.

Ok, the rules to enter the sorority are – she must hate physicality, must always get treated as an underdog, should never be responsible for her own actions, should be at the brink of shedding tears at the flick of a finger, should be very unsure of herself, need help with what so ever she is doing, smile like every person talking to her is doing he a favor, should never, never ever tell a guy she likes him, fend away any overtures of any guy to be friendly with her, know every pop or Hindi song currently a hit on the box office, and the most important factor, be privy to derogatory remarks about at least three other girls!!

I proudly admit I am an outcast! I was refused the member ship into this group. And I couldn’t care less. But then, they don’t seem to be able to not care….

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Cold, is the way to be! A snow queen is a queen after all.
Martyrs end up being pathetic. Sympathizers, doormats, go unrecognised to be lightly put.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


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